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2 years ago

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It was the first time 15 years ago had a job in Yorkshire, a decent job with many perspectives, but for me it meant traveling 120 miles per day by car. On a Friday I was driving home badjojo along the M62 when the desire to see me more and more painful, I managed to maintain and stopped at the next rest stop has title to Manchester. A arrival, found the entire toilet block was closed, I have used, the restaurant where he could see me, I asked said there was no temporary toilets around the rear of the building, which was able to easily find, just 2 blocks from temporary services, ladies and gentlemen together. I enetered the bathrooms were many people (more than usual at a rest stop men's bathrooms), went to wash hands and all the badjojo cupboards were full, but never thought anything of it and went to the bottom of portacabin to find the stones piss, badjojo I can not tell you how happy I was rid of the painfull feeling! When I shook a man of about 15 " away from me and began to stroke his cock (masturbation in a way, to shake the thought remains as piss, I masturbate with me, right ? When I finished peeing urgency No2 made ​​me want one ! so I went to the bottom of the portacabin at the sink, washed my hands and waited about 3 minutes (as a board foot) are waiting for the bathrooms are next available, the event opened at 3 and I was so me in the series, a bit dark and dingy, I cleaned the toilet seat and sat down, after 30 seconds, his eyes wandering in writing in advertising the door to an even number of types of phones when it started better manslut Manchester! My badjojo eyes led me to the middle of the cabin wall and a piece of toilet paper Dangeling alone, I did, and had a badjojo hole near 4 "diameter, I looked through a small man and was a big badjojo cock to see 7", rather thick, good-looking, such as chicken legs, I think about my place in the AMSt the shit ! as I sat there, my mind was racing. "What are you badjojo doing? " "He saw me? " The answer became clear when I began to hear the sound of feet shuffling nearest cabin, oh my God, is something look at me with that ! never said anything, just pushed his cock through the hole, good-looking 7 " penis, waiting for some kind of pleasure. This was the first time I encouintered a glory hole, quickly opened the zipper and grew as fast as I could, I was completely baffled by what? because 2 minutes down the road I regret not playing! This is my first same-sex sexual encounter was 27 years old when my nievity so if I ever return I will give you the next time I came back to say! the next day!

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